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Jordon G


Unique and amazing stay!

I cannot speak more highly of this place. From the warm, caring staff to the breathtaking nature preserve, this goes down as my all-time favorite lodging experience.

If you are tired of typical “luxury resorts”, looking for a way to escape the city, want to immerse yourself in a sustainable surrounding, and learn something new, this is the place for you. The hotel runs on the values of permaculture – a carbon neutral or carbon rewarding way of life in which regenerative agriculture is used to live in harmony with nature. The hotel runs a permaculture tour where you can learn about all the systems implemented. The tour is a must – it is a shame that more places don’t host ones like it!

The preserve itself is great, hiking trails, waterfalls, mountainous overlooks, hammocks, birds, monkeys, toads and more. Over the course of our 5 nights here, we were able to fill most days of our trip within the preserve itself! With the permaculture tour, night walk tour, yoga, and restaurant, there was tons to do in addition to the many hikes available. The Monteverde Cloud Forest was just a short 10 minute taxi ride away – another must see.

The food is sourced locally and from what's grown on this very site, it was delicious. It was crazy to see tilapia swimming in the pond, then order that very tilapia for dinner hours later!

Breakfast was included, and happy hour ran from 4:30-6:30 with some good cocktails.

Transportation is affordable and reliable with taxis that you can call from the hotel lobby.

The staff was wonderful, friendly, and legitimately cared about the experience of the guests. My girlfriend and I hope to come back soon!


Group night tour on Valle Escondido hiking trails.

We thoroughly enjoyed our night hike, and our guide was great. We saw several species of birds, tarantulas, ants, an opossum, and a kinkajou. It was an especially windy day, so we were happy with what we saw! What set this night hike apart from other options is that we could watch the sunset over the Gulf of Nicoya before the hike while the kids ran around the open grassy area. And then after, we had delicious pizzas for dinner before returning to our lodging elsewhere. It was very convenient, especially with kids.

Permaculture tour review  -
Janet, Jerone, and Max

Learn how to become a more sustainable resident of the planet!" The permaculture tour at this amazing site is an incredible combination of history, theory, and ethics -- but also with real life application and the kind of great humility that only comes from first hand experience in the field.This facility is hands down on the best working examples of sustainable principles put into practice that my team and I have ever seen. The guides are both personable and knowledgeable, offering copious amounts of wisdom that would be tough to tease out from any textbook. They also have several amazing examples of hugelkultur, bokashi composting, aquaponics, biochar production, solar water heaters, apiaries, vermicomposting, inventive water catchment and many other amazing best practices across the site.  If you care about permaculture or simply about learning how to actively become a more conscientious living being that shares this planet, this is a MUST SEE!  Thanks so much for the educational adventure!

Restaurant Review -

Great food and FABULOUS staff! As others have shared the Pizza here is wonderful. However all the other food items we tried were fantastic as well. Everything is freshly prepared and the prices were some of the best we saw during our CR adventure. Happy hour drink specials were always fun and the staff are truly amazing. they all seem to really love their work and it shows in all they do in terms of service delivery.


Main viewpoint at Valle Escondido during the sunset.

The breakfast is very rich, the location is excellent and the facilities are beautiful, the best place to appreciate the sunset.


sunset view of Valle Escondido

All perfect! They have a beautiful kitten. And the hair washing products, the best! The bed is perfect for keeping you warm on cold nights and they are super comfortable. In the reserve, you can see a waterfall and many animals! And get good exercise! The pizza, delicious! Very important, now because of the Covid situation, they handle the entire health issue very well and keep their distance! They have hand washing stations throughout the facility, as well as gel alcohol and rugs to clean your shoes! In short, I want to continue visiting you.

Night tour review -
Solly M

Most amazing Night Tour - tonnes of animals in beautiful forest Absolutely amazing experience. Arrive for sunset before the tour (if it isn’t too cloudy) to see the most beautiful view of the rolling hills and sea with a bright orange sky. The Night Tour itself was 2 hours long through the trails of Valle Escondido - nothing too difficult or strenuous and good torches were provided. Our guide was super informative and friendly and spoke perfect English. We saw so many animals including a Kinkajou, an Olingo, two porcupines up a Ficus tree, a Possum, a few sleeping birds, many caterpillars, frogs and leaf & stick insects. The owner was super nice and happy to chat also - could not recommend this tour any more !! 

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