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Dear guest, 


Thank for your interest in staying with us here in our nature preserve.  In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, Monteverde Inn/Valle Escondido Preserve requests your cooperation in reviewing our following policies.  Guests need to accept these policies in order to reserve accommodation at Monteverde Inn/Valle Escondido Preserve.  Hotel guests shall be solely liable and responsible to Monteverde Inn/Valle Escondido Preserve, for any financial loss or damage that may be caused as a result of the guest’s own negligence and non-observance of such rules and instructions.

1.0    Rates


The room rate includes lodging, booking service for local area activities, breakfast and free trails access to 4 kilometers of Valle Escondido Preserve.  Rates do not include 13% Costa Rican tax.  Additional meals, amenities, night or bird watching tours and other services are available at extra cost.

2.0    Cancellation Policy


Cancelations or changes made after 12:00 on 14 days before check-in date are subject to a 100% penalty plus taxes. No refunds for no-shows or early checkouts.

Deposit: Property will charge 100% 14 days before check-in date.

3.0    Children Policy


Children aged 0-5 sharing the same room bedding stay free (maximum 2 per room).  In terms of prices of accommodation and meals, persons who are over the age of 5 are considered adults. There might be a price difference for third party and/or onsite activities.

4.0    Settlement of bills


All bills must be signed personally for services rendered.  Balances are to be paid upon checkout.  


5.0    Check-in 


Check-in time is from 2 PM to 9 PM.  Late check-ins are available; please let us know in advance if you will be arriving after 9 PM. Upon arrival, all guests must provide a guarantee of payment for his/her stay and sign our guest registration forms.


6.0    Personal data use


Costa Rican law requires that one guest per party presents a national ID card or passport upon check-in.  These documents will be copied and returned to guests. The guest agrees and consents that Monteverde Inn/Valle Escondido Preserve may process (photocopy/scan) this personal document in order to register him/her and the party as guests of the Hotel.

7.0    Departure


Check out time is 11 am.  Please inform reception if you wish to stay in your room beyond this time.  Late checkouts will be considered depending on availability with an additional cost of $20 per hour.  


8.0    Free Luggage storage


For guests who would like to enjoy Valle Escondido Preserve trails after checking out of hotel or for guests who have other local area activities scheduled for the same day of check out, luggage can be stored at reception for no extra charge.


9.0     Restaurant 


Our buffet breakfast is included for guests and served from 6:30 to 8:30 in the morning, and then from 9 to 11 AM a light menu is offered at additional cost.  The Café opens its regular menu at 11:00 AM and serves until 9 PM. Café bills are signed and charged to guest rooms to be paid at checkout. Everyday 2 for 1 happy hour is from 4:30 to 6PM. 


10.0     Housekeeping service


Room cleaning is provided from 7 AM to 3 PM.  If a guest requires a specific time for room cleaning or does not require room cleaning, please make arrangements at reception.


11.0    Safety Deposit Box


For guests who would prefer to guard their valuables, a safety deposit box is located in reception.  To deposit items in this box including; currency, jewelry, or passports, receptionists will review the contents with guest prior to deposit to provide a receipt of guarded currency and items for security.


12.0    Pets


Because we are located inside a private nature preserve, pets are not allowed.  Please do not invite local area dogs to Monteverde Inn or Valle Escondido Preserve.  Also our mascot cat named Vanilla is friendly, but please do not invite her into your room.


13.0    Extra Visitors not staying at Monteverde Inn


All visitors of hotel guests must be registered at reception upon guest visitor arrival. Guest visitors may visit between 9 am and 9pm and are not allowed in guest rooms.  If a guest visitor does not follow hotel policies during the visit, the guest of Monteverde Inn/Valle Escondido Preserve will be held responsible for their visitors actions.  Hotel guests shall be solely liable and responsible to Monteverde Inn/Valle Escondido Preserve for invitees/other visitors for any financial loss or damage that may be caused by extra visitors or as a result of the guest’s own negligence and non-observance of such rules and instructions.

14.0    Hotel quiet hour’s policy


To ensure a peaceful and a pleasant stay to all our guests quiet hours start at 9 PM, please avoid any loud noise, loud music, parties and/or any other loud disturbance to your fellow guests. In the event of a disturbance, one polite request (warning) will be given to reduce the noise.  If our request is not followed, the guest will be asked to leave the hotel without refund. Registered guest (s) is responsible for all persons visiting.  Non-Registered visitors are only permitted until 9 PM as listed before.  If found with more “people” not listed on the Guest Registration Form after 9 PM your stay will be considered a party, and will result in a US $200 fine and/or will be ordered to vacate the premises without refund.


15.0    Hazardous goods, Drugs or illegal activities


Weapons, explosives, flammable objects or materials, dangerous chemicals or any goods of a hazardous nature, and all illegal items or activities including prostitution, drugs/illegal narcotics are strictly prohibited at Monteverde Inn/Valle Escondido Preserve, and will result in a US $200 fine and/or immediate expulsion from the Hotel or arrest.


16.0    Non-Smoking Policy


For the health, safety, and comfort of our guests, and in following Costa Rican national law, Monteverde Inn/Valle Escondido is a non-smoking establishment.  Should smoking be detected in a room, in public areas, outside sitting areas or inside Valle Escondido Preserve, the guest will be subject to a $200 fine, expulsion from hotel or arrest.  For hotel guests that do smoke, we provide a covered smoking area in the parking lot next to the main entrance.


17.0    Trails


Valle Escondido Preserve’s trails are open from 6 AM to 4:30 PM; it is strictly prohibited to enter the trails during closed hours.  Walking or hiking outside of designated trails in the preserve is also strictly prohibited; either action can result in a $200 fine and or immediate expulsion from the Hotel or arrest for trespassing. 


18.0    Fire alarm


In case of fire alarm, please follow the map attached to your room door and follow the exit signs to the nearest meeting point sign.


19.0    Damage to property


Guests will be held responsible for any loss or damage to Monteverde Inn/Valle Escondido Preserve’s property caused by themselves, their guests or invitees or any person for whom they are responsible.  In case of any damage caused to Monteverde Inn/Valle Escondido Preserve by a guest or a person for whom they are responsible, the guest is held responsible to pay for all damage.


20.0    Feeding animals / protecting the environment


Feeding of or molesting wild animals, taking of plants or natural materials, or polluting the natural environment can result in a US $200 fine and or immediate expulsion from the Hotel and/or arrest.


21.0    Hotel Management's rights


It is agreed that the guest will conduct him/herself in a respectable manner, not to provide any disturbances to other guests, and will not cause any nuisance or annoyance within the Monteverde Inn/Valle Escondido Preserve premises.


In case of breach of Hotel Rules and Management Policies by a hotel guest, hotel management has the right to request any guest to vacate his/her room or other areas of the Hotel, without previous notice and without assigning any reason and the guest shall be bound to vacate when requested to do so.  In case of the default, the Hotel Management has the right to remove luggage and belongings from the room occupied by the guest.


22.0    Sustainable Practices


Monteverde Inn/Valle Escondido Preserve believes in the protection of natural environments and sustainable/regenerative practices. We ask all visitors to participate in this effort by conserving energy during their stay.  Our showers are solar heated, so please enjoy the hot water, but conserve by keeping showers to a 10 minute limit. Since we do not use pesticides or poisons to kill animals, please ask reception for a large plastic box for keeping food in the room; otherwise ants will invade.  To help keep our septic system functioning well, please place all toilet paper, trash or any other items in the trash receptacle in the bathroom and not in the toilet. If you do not need towels cleaned, please leave them hanging on the wall, or to have them washed, please place them on the shower floor.  Please turn off all lights and fan when leaving the room.  


Thank you for your support in this effort to reduce unnecessary consumption and protect nature.  And thank you for taking the time to review our policies and practices here at Monteverde Inn/Valle Escondido Preserve.  We look forward to your stay with us!


Thanks! Message sent.