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Our permaculture tour includes a walk through the grounds of Valle Escondido looking at different working systems from a design approach. 

An introduction is given explaining the ethics and principles of permaculture and then examples are provided of those principles in action (see examples below). A great activity for students and families.


Daily 2pm - 4pm

Hotel Guests: discount


Garden beds incorporate a design called huglekultur that involve digging down into the soil to form trenches that are filled with logs, cardboard, organic waste, manure to make a highly productive garden with low maintenance.

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To inspire the protection of natural environments and promote regenerative practices through responsible tourism.
The hope of Valle Escondido, whether guests come to the farm, hotel, café or preserve is that they leave with a positive experience that could potentially influence a stronger connection to nature and sustainable practices.
Valle Escondido believes that fundamentally people enjoy nature. Supporting that connection is part of our mission. We believe that people if given the opportunity will work towards sustainable practices and the preservation of natural environments.

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50 meters south of the Monteverde Butterfly Garden, Monteverde, Costa Rica

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