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at the Preserve

How to live in a regenerative way

​​Use of light and sun​

  • Lots of windows and skylights throughout the rooms and buildings to maximize use of natural light
  • Solar hot water heating in hotel rooms
  • Energy saving light bulbs, presence-detecting lights and photovoltaic lamps.

Cleaning & Waste management

  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly cleaning products, detergents, and soaps

  • Rain water harvesting and aquaculture

  • composting, soil rebuilding and the production of natural organic fertilisers for our gardens 

  • Air drying facilities for our hotel linens and towels to reduce the use of gas or electric dryers

  • Reuse of containers and recycling

  • Reforestation - to date we've planted 1500 local species of tree

  • Pesticide-free and non-chemical fertilisers for maintaining hotel grounds

  • Grey water management - recycling water from sinks, showers, kitchens and laundry

Food & Sustainable relationships

  • Whenever possible, the use of locally produced, organic goods to help the local economy and reduce our carbon footprint  

  • All staff are also NVC trained (Non-Violent Communication) to create a sustainable social and working environment


Hotel / Preserve Eco Projects

To find out more about our permaculture practices and projects, visit our Hidden Valley Farm website

Want to get involved?

You can offset your carbon footprint

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