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Valle Escondido offers a unique experience for guests combining nature, accommodation, and ecological balance into one location. 

We aim to provide visitors with an experience of nature’s beauty and also offer examples of sustainable regenerative design to influence a better world.

Valle Escondido guests enjoy:


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The on-site restaurant offers stunning views over the Pacific gulf, and a delicious, fresh,

farm to table experience.

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A delightful and varied selection of rooms with balconies, patios, and views of surrounding nature, with direct access trails into our nature preserve.


Waterfalls, canyons, and expansive valley views to the ocean.

Onsight bird watching and night tours with certified guides available.

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Free information & booking service for local area activities

including Cloud Forest, Hanging Bridges, Zip-Lining, Coffee Tours, and more.



GRATITUDE. We are born with a genuine desire to support life.

Valle Escondido contributes to love and compassion by expressing gratitude for what sustains life.

CREATIVITY. We inspire creativity by promoting playfulness, curiosity, and connection with nature.

Valle Escondido is a learning playground.

PERSEVERANCE. Change is the only constant in life, our survival depends on our ability to change.

To adapt, we need to persist.


In 2014 Valle Escondido was purchased from the original owners, David Savage and the Mata family. They founded Valle Escondido in 1977 and opened Monteverde Inn in 1984 as one of the first hotels in Monteverde.

In 2014, affected by the economic crash of 2008, Valle Escondido was at risk of being purchased by a large hotel chain.

With luck and support, the Chaffee family was able to secure the funds to continue to protect the land and renovate the old buildings, while working with the original owners and employing all local staff.

Today the farm, hotel, and preserve are open to both nationals and internationals as a place of hospitality, sustainable education, and natural experience. 

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Yoga is offered in our mountain studio, with 30-kilometer views of the ocean.

Aerial or Vinyasa, private or in group.

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Using the design principles of Permaculture, our farm grows organic food for guests and local markets.

On-site farm and sustainability tours offered.

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